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Pet Toys and Treats

Did you know that cats can really only see shades of blue and yellow with some violet and green?

Rustic Wooden Cat Toys: Flexible wooden snakes and fish are Catnip tea-dyed and then painted in non-toxic acrylic paint in colors blue and yellow. Additional catnip is added to encourage play and toys are attached to 12" wooden dowel rod by heavy string to enhance play movements of the cat and protect the player.

Fabric Cat Toys: Include noisy bite toys that crinkle when compressed, have attached bells and catnip, then attached to a rope leash and 12" dowel rod. Feathers are often included and several designs are available.

Dog Treats: Sweet potato, Peanut butter, and Oatmeal dog treats - my husband could not stop eating them! Good enough for you, but your dog will appreciate it more! Made to order.

Notecards and Invitations

Greeting Cards | $4.50+

Invitations | $TBD

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