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The BucuraBio Experience

Septi was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania where his parents work in healthcare and his father holds a degree in herbal medicine. In Transylvania, it is common for traditional medicine to be accompanied by herbal remedies and local health wisdom. Hilly was born and raised in coastal Northern California, spending many summers in Austria's Alpine region of the Tyrol, where she developed an appreciation for the herbal remedies of the Alps and her family's cultural heritage. When Septi + Hilly met in Chiropractic school, the rest was history <3. We added the scientific research behind the traditional remedies and BucuraBio was born.

More on Transylvanian Traditional Remedies:

"Romanian traditional medicine has an extremely old history. The Dacian knowledge of the curative properties of medicinal plants was documented by Herodotus, Hippocrates, Galen, and Dioscorides. It must be emphasized that modern chemical screening has confirmed the therapeutic properties of the medicinal plants used by the Dacians. More interesting is that Dacians used many of these herbs for different dishes. Practically, for Dacians, food was medicine. Recent research on some Romanian medicinal plants has highlighted their pharmacognostical importance. It is known that currently, the importance and dynamics of the research on medicinal plants in the area of drug discovery continues to increase worldwide. The main reason is not only the high efficiency of secondary metabolites in case of serious diseases (cancer, viral infections, malaria, etc.) but also the minimization of the side effects of the synthetic drugs." (*)

Check out more of the current research onTransylvanian folk therapies for modern medicine and disease:

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